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A Factory Stands Behind Your Ideas

As a privately held factory in China, Lungtinbox has devoted to designing and creating high-quality tin cans and boxes to protect your products as well as showing your values.

With more than 30 years of experience, we has made a great number of irregular tin boxes, packaged hundreds of solid items, and earned a lot of positive feedback from our clients around the world. We believe that our skillful workers can support all personalized packaging service from the design to production and attention with the combination of industry leading technology, expertise, market trends and the theme of your item to every partner.

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Our mission

Lungtinbox's tin cans is an impressive tool for people to package their item and build their brand.

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Our essence

At our core, Lungtinbox runs business with Imagination, Individuality, Inclusivity, and Impact.

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Our promise

We deliver recyclable, reusable and diversified customized and standard tin cans and boxes for each client.

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Our vibe

At Lungtinbox, we make innovation. We dream it, try it and make it, every day we are reinventing what's possible.

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The Most Sustainable Package

There is no doubt that a wide range of raw materials are available for packaging, but few of them match up to the economical and sustainable qualities of metal.

That's why we choose green and safe tin metal as our raw materials. They are durable, and they can also be recycled at the end of their service time without degradation in quality, which makes them the preferred packaging material for your brands, ahead of other materials like plastic and paper.


Our Certificates

We take quality as a priority.

Our quality mangement system covers all details that a great tin box needs. Each batch of tinplates and finished products will be tested by international laboratories, before you receiving.

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