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Tinplate Selection

The products we produced are mainly made of tins, so their quality plays an determined role on the service life of tin boxes and cans.

With over 30-years of experience in this industry, we have selected and built a good relationship with a verified supplier who offers us high-quality materials at a low price.

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Qualified Printed Sheets Selection

Each piece of tinplate is printed by state-of-the-art printers and qualified inks to ensure integrity of your design.

Our skillful workers will also carefully inspect each finished tinplate one by one to guarantee the color and content are in accordance with your design.

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In this process, our experienced workers install your designated molds into punching machines separately from main body and lid.

Your idea products will be turned into reality after following a series of insturctions.

  • Tin Boxes or Can Stamping
  • Tin Lids Stamping
Tin Box Quality Assurance1
Tin Box Quality Assurance2

Quality Assurance

Lungtinbox insists on running all-round inspection for each tin box and can in-house, making sure that all of what we produce matches with our clients' desires.

During this period, after careful inspection, each product will be cleaned using a microfiber cleanroom wiper.

Packaging Tin Box1
Packaging Tin Box2


Your tin boxs will be packed with multi-layer protections to prevent being blended during the shipping. This includes:

  • Plastic Bag
  • Packing Blanket
  • Partition
  • Sheet Card